Space Portal Vector 7Z-218

Situated at the edge of the galaxy, SPV7Z is the last stop before the void of between. Primarily accessible via a wormhole, it attracts a clientele of merchants, adventurers, and mercenaries. Hidden beneath its battered exterior, SPV7Z houses a  vibrant community of free-spirited species who adhere to a  live and let live policy.

Recorded here are snippets from its denizens’ vidlogs and memchips:
Ajax and Igor Anthera

Twins A’val and E’ral

Damien Altamura

Brixton and Kol ON HOLD


What’s new? Krax, a new short story in the SPV Universe has finished edits and is pending publication. Find out more: Krax.

What’s trending? SEE Cultural Logs to learn more about various species encountered in SPV7Z-218.

SEE Damien Altamura’s courtship above. There are links to download the story for FREE to read. Also, the follow on story is on hold for rewriting. SEE Brixton and Kol for a teaser.

What’s next? No course has been set. Whether it is Brixton and Kol or another adventure with Krax and Pherral remains to be decided and audience interest will play a factor is determining the direction

The next installment that is being plotted right now is Brixton and Kol’s story, which has a significant overlap with Damien and Hayden. Check out Matters of State 

Visitors can find out more about the Port Master or submit questions below:

2 thoughts on “Space Portal Vector 7Z-218

  1. Stuck on Earth so picking through others’ vidlogs & m-chips is all I have for galactic news, gossip, and entertainment. Should I expect new entries in a near future?

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